Geminor doubles import capacity to the Norwegian port of Borg

April 17, 2024
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The resource management and trading company Geminor is doubling its capacity to receive RDF at the port of Borg in southeastern Norway. This has been made possible by the introduction of General Cargo Ship transport.

For several years, Geminor has imported bales of RDF to the port of Borg by so-called ro-ro ships. In addition, the company now introduces General Cargo Ship transport to Borg, which brings a more flexible logistics solution for baled RDF to the region. With the new transport option, Geminor is potentially able to double the import of RDF to the port.

Since mid-March, two General Cargo Ships have unloaded 5,300 tonnes of baled RDF from the Netherlands to Borg Havn, which will be used for district heating in the region. The two shipments are part of an agreement with the Dutch EfW operator AVR for the import of a total of 50,000 tonnes to the Nordics during spring 2024.

“For the past 10 years, we have received waste for energy recovery transported by ro-ro vessels to our HUB at the Borg port. With our new solution, we can also purchase transport services on General Cargo Ships, doubling the annual import capacity of 100,000 tonnes of RDF. This makes us even better equipped to tailor deliveries for our customers”, says Ms Tone Ingulstad, who is in charge of Geminor's operations at Borg.

Tone Ungulstad explains that Geminor has several partners and offtakers in south-eastern Norway who will benefit from General Cargo Ship transport to the region.

“Opening for import of RDF with General Cargo Ships means that we can more easily import waste from markets that require this transport solution. At the same time, it will be easier to increase the waste volumes for energy recovery when this is necessary, especially during winter. The import through Borg is essential because there are currently capacity restrictions on waste cargo in other ports in eastern Norway, in addition to the fact that the location of Borg makes it easier for us to reach central EfW-plants in the region”, says Tone Ingulstad at Geminor.