Sustainable operations & development

Sustainability is not just a distant vision for Geminor, but an important part of our daily operations. The international waste industry, in which Geminor plays an active role, is central to the EU's sustainability ambitions. The company aims to be CO2-neutral by 2030.

Geminor wants to be a driving force for sustainable business operations and green development of the industry. Our strategic focus is to develop less fossil and carbon-intensive fractions and to build good solutions for plastic recycling.

In order to limit our indirect emissions, we aim to influence the value chain to make more sustainable choices. We set sustainability requirements for the services and equipment of our subcontractors.

Geminor's ESG goals

Our mission:

Safe, innovative and sustainable waste recycling of European waste fractions.

Our role:

Connect waste producers, treatment plants and transporters across the countries Geminor operates in to optimize resource use.

Our responsibility:

Measure, document and reduce the environmental impacts that Navi has in the value chain, as well as comply with recognized business standards.

Our focus areas:

Green growth and circular economy, finding and developing solid solutions of high environmental quality, as well as being a positive contributor to people and local communities.

Our goal:

To be a driving force in sustainable development, and to contribute to achieving the following of the UN's sustainability goals:

7 - Affordable clean energy8 decent work and economic growth11 sustainable cities and communities12 responsible consumption and production13 climate action14 life below water15 life on land

Reporting methods and development

In 2023, the establishment of a joint framework for ESG reporting and the EU taxonomy is still being prepared. The Geminor reports are structured in line with the frameworks of recognized standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the GHG protocol. We use the most up-to-date environmental data published by reliable and official sources such as DEFRA and NVE.

This data is combined with our own collected data so that our reports are based on the best available data at any given time.

Transparency Act

In line with the Transparency Act of July 1. 2022, please find the Geminor Statement under the Transparency Act document describing our work and services in this context.