Our values

To achieve our goals, we have developed a clear vision, mission and set of values to guide us in all our work. We want to build a company culture that unites us around the important services we perform in Norway and Europe every single day.

Geminor has grown to become one of Europe's leading companies within recycling and recovery. We want to be a strong, efficient and proactive market player that can contribute to developing the industry in a positive direction, especially in terms of sustainability.


“Geminor is in business for a greener planet, now and for the future.”


“To be the leading trading and resource management company in Europe, providing sustainable and competitive services for recycling and recovery of waste.”



At Geminor we recognize that divergent thinking is an asset. We have an inclusive management style that encourages honesty and transparency and aim to analyze the root cause of our challenges so that our team can grow stronger and find the best solutions for our customers.


We constantly strive for best practice and aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement. We want to build a working environment and a Geminor team spirit where every employee feels valued, supported and inspired all across Europe.

Moving fast:

At Geminor we are continuously analyzing the market. We evaluate risks and opportunities so that when the market changes, we are ready to act. We move fast with an entrepreneurial approach so that we can steadily offer the best services to our customers across the whole value chain.


Integrity forms the foundation of Geminor's core values, and stand as a pillar to build strong and long-term customer relations. Every decision we make is aimed at bringing us closer to our vision of a more sustainable waste management industry and a greener planet, now and for the future.