Geminor launches road transport services

January 30, 2024
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Geminor is establishing a road transport team to ensure the best possible delivery services to its many offtakers in Finland. This is Geminor group’s first investment in road transport services in Europe.

Geminor in Finland, Gemifin OY, recently purchased two trucks for the transport of imported waste to offtakers in southern and western Finland. Gemifin also employed two drivers to cover the routes from ports such as Loviisa, Taalintehdas and Parainen, where Gemifin receives bales of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) that are opened and prepared for delivery to different offtaker facilities. The new team also consists of one hired truck and a driver.

In addition, Gemifin has ordered a new, fuel-efficient Euro 6 truck to meet the transport needs of imported waste in Finland.

“Imports to Finland have increased significantly and we aim to ensure timely deliveries and the best service for our offtakers, including cement producers requiring substantial SRF quantities. Investing in trucks is new for the Geminor group, but we want to go the extra mile to ensure good flow and maximum flexibility in our supply of the Finnish market," says Country Manager at Gemifin OY, Ismo Hiltunen.

Ismo Hiltunen, CM at Gemifin.

Backload transport for better efficiency

Two of the trucks have a capacity of 40 tonnes each, while the third truck is a walking floor vehicle with a capacity of 30 tonnes for the handling of loose SRF. In total, Gemifin will transport around 150,000 tonnes of waste on Finnish roads in 2024.

The trucks will also be transporting waste cargo between the company's HUBs in Finland, as well as picking up waste as backload in the region. In this way the transport will be as efficient and sustainable as possible, explains Hiltunen.

“We see this as a project to explore opportunities for delivering high-quality transport services within the group. If our transport services prove successful, we may expand these services to other markets,” concludes CM of Gemifin OY, Ismo Hiltunen.