Passing 100 employees: – A growing organization provides us with new opportunities.

October 12, 2023
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This month, Geminor could, for the first time, boast an international team of over 100 professional experts. The growth provides the company with more professional and operational strength but also imposes new demands on the organization. "We need to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit even as we grow in size and geographic reach," says CEO Kjetil Vikingstad.

Geminor's organization, which recently surpassed 100 employees, is currently distributed among offices and processing facilities in a total of nine European countries. The expertise of the recycling company encompasses everything from physical handling and processing of various types of waste to logistics, finance, and the sale of recycling services.

The growth in staffing has been most significant in emerging markets in Southern and Eastern Europe in recent years, says CEO of Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

– We have transitioned from being a relatively small company to becoming a medium-sized company within the industry, which is also in line with our strategy. We are experiencing that a growing organization provides more 'muscle' and offers new expansion opportunities. At the same time, we gain greater regional roots and knowledge, which makes us more adaptable with respect to regional regulations and industry cultures in different markets," says the CEO of Geminor.

The growth in the number of employees has, among other things, required changes in locations. The offices in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy – which have the largest number of employees outside of Norway – have had to make adjustments in the past year, including moving to new, larger, or additional premises.

– Growth places new demands on both employees and management in terms of communication, collaboration, and best practices, says Vikingstad.

Newly hired Andrea Pfeifhofer at the Italian office is the most recent addition to the organization. Here, he is welcomed by CEO Kjetil Vikingstad.

Culture and competence are becoming more important.

A larger organization should not change the DNA on which the company was built," Vikingstad explains.

– Since our inception in 2004, we have been a company built on an entrepreneurial mentality. We have always strived to be dynamic, fast, and adaptable, with little emphasis on roles and hierarchy. It is important that we can nurture these values within the organization going forward," says Vikingstad, who is also pleased that the proportion of women in the company is increasing. Soon, nearly one in three employees at Geminor is a woman, a relatively high number within the industry.

Cross-border waste transport is becoming increasingly challenging as regulations in many countries are tightening to combat waste crime. To address this, Geminor has enhanced its competence in TFS (Transfrontier Shipment of Waste) management at multiple offices in Europe.

First in – last in

Inge R. Langhelle is the person in the organization who has been with Geminor the longest.

nge Raymond Langhelle began his career at Geminor in 2010, making him the employee with the longest tenure in the company. Inge has held various roles at the headquarters in Karmøy and currently serves as the Chief Quality Officer in the group, responsible for standardization and quality.

Langhelle believes that both the company and the industry have provided a good career path.

– This is more than just a job, if I can put it that way. Over the years, I've had many great colleagues and built a large network in the industry. It's important to believe in what you do, and I believe in the company and Geminor's potential. Geminor has been a great employer for professional development, and now there is also a lot happening in terms of sustainability, says Langhelle.

Recently, Andrea Pfeifhofer, the most recent addition to the group, was welcomed to Geminor Italy. He started his position as a logistics officer at the Bolzano office in early September and already feels that he is in the right place.

– I decided to start at Geminor to expand my knowledge in both the logistics sector and the waste sector, which I have always found interesting, says Andrea, who has experience from a transport company.

– Currently, I am getting to know all the procedures in the company, so that I can help my team further develop the Italian office as soon as possible. I want to gain as much expertise as possible in the field, because I am passionate about logistics and want to build a career in this industry, concludes Andrea Pfeifhofer.