This is Geminor's new Country Manager in the UK

October 21, 2022
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After seven years at Geminor's head office in Staffordshire, England, Oliver Caunce has now been assigned the position of new Country Manager for the company's UK operations. - In the time to come, we will work to secure our market position both with regard to national recipients and the export of waste for energy recovery in Scandinavia and Europe, says Country Manager Oliver Caunce.

Caunce started his Geminor career as Account and Development Manager back in 2015, and since then has worked both in operational management tasks and in the Technical Team handling TFS services.

After over seven years at Geminor, and a total of 16 years in the industry, Caunce has now been given the task of leading Geminor's operations in the UK.

- The recycling industry in Great Britain has changed markedly from the time when I joined Geminor. The industry has matured and today consists of several national WtE facilities, more varied fractions, new regulations, and a greater demand for both export and import of waste products, says Caunce.

- In addition, there is more competition in the market, and there is more awareness of the role of the individual industry players. All these factors need to be taken into account to be successful in recycling in the UK today, says Oliver Caunce.

Consolidating its position as top exporter

After 10 years in the UK, Geminor has grown to become the largest exporter of RDF and SRF to the Nordic and EU markets. From August -21 to September -22, Geminor exported more than 231,000 tonnes of RDF, which is close to 15 percent of the total UK market.

Geminor has also expanded its regional operations in Great Britain by signing several new contracts with British municipalities and industry players. The latest of these is a contract for the supply of waste to energy recovery at Fortum's South Clyde site outside Glasgow.

- Securing new partners in the British market is an important part of Geminor's strategy, and we now have a good national platform to consolidate our business. Treatment and handling of RDF, SRF, waste wood and biomaterials is central, but we will also expand within chemical and mechanical recycling of plastics, says Caunce.

Currently, there is a greater need than there is supply of materials in the market, which leads to increased demand outside the EU. Handling a demanding market situation will be an important part of the Country Manager position, explains Caunce.

- My most important task will be to secure our position in the UK both with regard to national recipients and the export of waste for energy recovery in Europe and Scandinavia. A broad network, good relationships and hard work are the keywords for the job ahead of us, concludes the new Country Manager in Geminor UK, Oliver Caunce.