Kuber med avfall

Plastic waste = an important resource

In a circular world, more of our waste plastic becomes new products. Geminor facilitates both chemical and mechanical recycling, making waste plastic a valuable resource.

Plastic makes up a large proportion of our waste, and it is therefore important to make plastic circular as quickly as possible. In doing so we can reduce the use of virgin plastic and prevent the plastic from ending up in nature.

Geminor is involved in both chemical and mechanical recycling of plastics. We handle several types of waste plastic, such as LDPE (plastic film), HDPE, PP (big bags, fishing nets, rope) and ESP (styrofoam), which we send for recycling. At the same time, we are actively working to find new solutions for recycling plastics.

Leading position on plastics together with Quantafuel

Geminor is working with the plastics recycling company Quantafuel, which produces petrochemical products from plastic waste using chemical recycling technology (pyrolysis). The collaboration will return significant amounts of sustainable plastic feedstock to a growing circular economy in Europe. Geminor also has an ownership stake in the plastics recycling company Polynate.